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june, 2024

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Our Team

Success here tends to have a shared sense of purpose

Rich Johnson
Global Perspective at 30,000 ft

Rich Johnson

The man with the plan for over two decades strong.

Amy Johnson
Details, Decor, and Organization

Amy Johnson

Amy makes sure every last detail is attended to.

Nicholas Imes
On-site solutions

Nicholas Imes

The man on the ground handling logistics.

Creative & Connected

Pollen Consolidated

Pollen Consolidated LLC is the brainchild of Rich & Amy Johnson.  Rich, an entertainer tired of late nights and ridiculous requests, and Amy exhausted from corporate curmudgeons and long commutes, decided to bring together their creative and organizational forces to form an entertainment and events company with out of the ordinary ideas and solutions.

In 2019 they added Nicholas Imes, a carnie from birth, to the Pollen team.   From being able to assemble rides and break down ferris wheels, Uncle Nick’s wizardry as the man on the ground is unmatched.

These three create a magic force greater than Merlin and bring a supremely curated touch to every event they breathe life into.

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Events Executed
Artists Paid

Who We Are

Two hungry cooks in one creative kitchen!

Constant Collaboration

It takes a diverse team of cool cats toaccentuate the A R T in p A R T y!

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